Stylist Talk Facebook Community :

A safe and private environment to share and facilitate discussion between salon owners and stylists regarding our industry.

I think everyone knows that traditionally there has been issues with how things
have operated within our industry. My hope is to challenge people to think differently and help lift the standard of our industry.

Join me in my private facebook group: Stylist Talk.
Ask questions, offer advice and support each other! 

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 Stylist Talk Workshop :


A few years ago I found myself feeling really lonely in business, as a salon owner. I started looking for mentorship and support, I found it really hard to find anything specific to our industry, and struggled to relate. That’s why I started this journey of sharing online some insight into my experiences so far and I’d like to expand this by meeting in person so we can truly connect and support each other. I know what you are going through and I wish something like this existed for me 5 years ago.

In this session you will get to connect with other salon owners experiencing similar things, needing to bounce ideas, vent, share stories, learn from each other, brainstorm and seeking collaboration.


The workshop will kick off with me sharing on topics I feel confident in, this includes: marketing and social media, branding, team bonding, salon design, salon culture, modern techniques, issues we face on the floor and in salon education. This will be followed by open table discussion as well as a Q&A and finishing with lunch. 

  Coming Soon