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"I have the desire to create change and better conditions for creative artists in the hair and beauty industry. I hope to see this happen in our salon and in my time in business."

Lauren McNamee / Blush Girl and Stylist Talk Founder



I opened Blush Girl in 2014 as a sole trader, with no intention to grow any bigger. My idea was to create the best possible experience, at an affordable price. With my quality training, background and my decision to start in a small location, I was able to achieve this.

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Stylist Talk Workshop : a workshop designed to connect with other salon owners experiencing similar things, needing to bounce ideas, vent, share stories, learn from each other, brainstorm. A space for collaboration.
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I've watched hundreds of videos, and I've learnt more from you in this one than most of the others combined. I'm not sure what you're doing different but it's working. Thank you for all your useful tips. 

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From one creative stylist to another, this was explained perfectly! Thank you so much!

Five minutes in and it's already been the most informative tutorial I have watched, thank you!